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Huzzah! An in-person shoot with Leana finally happened! In January of this year, we both met at the “Charmed” Recreational Mesmerism convention. Lots of other kinky folk were there, going to all manners of workshops, classes and kinky seminars. I was lucky enough to have Leana as quasi-submissive arm candy for much of the time there, and we managed to film ourselves that session.

Leana’s super sweet, she’s very earnest and intelligent and curious and thoughtful… but then with a snap of her fingers can become dominant or confused or sultry or mindless, and it’s all very very enjoyable. 😉

Good depth in this one, but with frequent emergings from trance any time Leana got giggly. (Which was pretty often, but not to the point where it interferes too much with the flow of the session.) I’ve left a number of these moments in, as for the most part, wrangling her back into obedience doesn’t take much time at all, and hearing the giggles fade from her voice as she becomes obedient and blank again is very nice. Honestly half of it’s my own fault for tripping over my equipment like a dingus or sticking the camera RIGHT IN FRONT of her face, which she’s not really used to.

Still a great session with a girl who’s got a genuine kink for the fetish, so it’s super hot!

0:20 We’re doing it in person! (Intro)
1:00 Blank on command from the first minute!
2:00 One Track Mind: COOKIE MONSTER!
3:43 Why is my mouth full of cookie?
5:30 Can’t put anything in her mouth
6:50 Poseable Doll Play
9:50 Wait! We forgot to do an intro!
14:30 Blanking her mind is so very easy…
17:30 Aware again… but she can’t seem to move
22:00 Tongue growing bigger
24:50 Mental Bondage, Spread out Wide
26:00 Velma Captured. Let’s record a ransom video!
28:30 Slutty Compulsions…
33:00 Any time she’s touched she loves it…
33:20 Any time it stops… she denies enjoying…
37:10 Breath play as arousal builds
38:10 Poseable Doll / Pose Mode
45:00 Mindless Mantras focused on the Pendant
47:00 Mentally resistant… physically obeys
47:30 Arousal Increases… Intelligence Decreases
52:10 I don’t want to escape… I want to be a pet!
54:30 Crawling horny sex kitten
1:01:45 Mistress decides to dominate…
1:05:00 … but breaks down in giggles
1:06:40 Mindlessly Strips
1:08:30 Mindless before the mirror
1:09:30 Tickled whilst on display
1:11:30 Teasing at her reflection
1:14:00 Caressing the nude toy’s tits
1:15:30 Dolly Dresses Herself
1:19:00 Mistress Leana Rematerializes
1:24:00 Miss Leana wants her feet kissed…
1:27:20 Enchanting you with the pendant
1:28:20 Inadvertently enchanting herself
1:29:45 Sleepy Inspection
1:31:50 Eye Checks
1:35:20 Leana’s #1 Fan borrows her body…
1:38:30 … and makes her orgasm
1:40:40 Clothes are unethical. I wanna be a nudist!
1:44:00 Frozen Pussy Inspection
1:45:00 Frozen caresses…
1:47:25 … followed by a REPLAY
1:50:00 Happy Posing Nude Doll
1:51:50 Tongue Out. Mind Blank.
1:55:00 Edging for the spirals
1:59:30 Breath Denial Orgasm Play
2:01:30 Closing Chat
2:05:30 Outtake from earlier…
2:06:15 Genuine Resting Scene… and Leana is psychic!
2:06:30 Fantasy Resting Scene

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  • nick 1 year ago

    The content with the link seems to be broken. It takes you to the site, but you can only download a 12 byte file. Not the 3.2 gig file it claims to be. None of the embed or streaming is loading either

    • Fetishman 1 year ago

      Sorry to hear that, We put two players for each post, If you have problem with both players therefor issue is about your browser, You better update your browser or disable its ad blocker.

      • I’m not using ad blocker and I tried checking on both pc and phone, with several browsers but everything is broken. Could you do a re-upload?

        • Fetishman 11 months ago

          My friend when they work, why should i re-upload them? It doesn’t make sense, Both players are working without any problem, There is an issue on your side.

  • Can you add entrancement Michelle and charn first visit?

  • it is any chance to upload this video I remember that I suggest it a time ago

    • Fetishman 11 months ago

      So sorry buddy, We didn’t ignore your request, We couldn’t get that, I admit it she’s so hot, We’ll keep trying to get this one.

  • Caleb 4 months ago

    doesn’t work anymore. ):

  • Question 1 month ago

    Link is broken

  • not working.