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I’d worked with Sophia once before (See Sophia’s Slave Training) and Brook a few times previously. (See Secret Slavegirl 2) This was my first Entrancement shoot with Luna though who I’d worked with in a none MC capacity once before. The topic of Mind Control had come up though and she’d been more than a little intrigued at seeing my girlfriend frozen, posed, and made mindless. When the opportunity to work with all three ladies came up, I wasn’t going to let it slip by.

This was a tricky but rewarding shoot. Luna and Sophia are both submissive to a goodly degree and were happy to be commanded, controlled and made to dance to my devious whims. Brook however submissive that she is, remains quite a brat, and requires special methods to first get her under, then reveal her inner submissive (Who’s so different to normal Brook that she actually goes by a different name: “Raven”.)

Go under she did though, and I found that there was a natural rhythm to playing with these three, generally Brook or Raven would receive one command, whilst Luna and Sophia got to play, Brook would inevitably strop at being made into a plaything at which point we’d turn the tables for a while and allow Brook to take the reins and mess with the minds of the other two. This led to a host of sexy and silly scenes as Brook made the other ladies into her dancing girls and slavegirls in turn. Who’d then get their revenge. Round and round we go.

A great shoot with three gorgeous ladies who share great chemistry.

[00:00:10] Introductions (Outfit 1: Girls Next Door)
[00:02:00] Sophia & Brook discuss past shoots
[00:03:00] Deciding on trance flavours
[00:04:00] This isnt Mind Control or IS it!?
[00:06:30] Induction
[00:24:18] Re-Enter Raven
[00:39:45] Raven has no idea who the others are
[00:40:25] Think of a cute name for a pet thats your name
[00:45:00] Switching one anothers names off
[00:46:00] Introducing Raven to the other ladies
[00:47:15] Brook returns (and refuses to co-operate)
[00:48:50] Switching between Brook & Raven
[00:50:45] Raven is only too happy to flash for us
[00:51:30] Sophia and Lunas turn to go under
[00:52:20] Brooks Revenge (Bra Amnesia)
[00:55:10] Remembering what bras are. (But not how to wear them)
[00:58:00] You mean bras *arent* hats!?
[00:58:20] Luna and Sophia plot revenge
[01:01:10] Raven doesnt take much encouraging
[01:03:15] Brooks boobs bared and body locked
[01:05:45] Magnetic bodyparts
[01:12:00] Brook and the nudists
[01:13:00] Brook has her own fashion sense
[01:13:30] The Naked Persuaders (Luna & Sophia)
[01:18:45] Putting Brook on a pedestal
[01:20:15] Brook refuses to co-operate
[01:20:30] Raven is ever agreeable
[01:21:40] Happily naked ladies! (Outfit 2: Birthday Suits? :P)
[01:23:30] Posing Mindless Brook
[01:23:45] Sophia joins Brook in mindlessness
[01:24:00] Luna gets to pose Brook and Sophia
[01:26:40] Discussion of how things are going (Outfit 3: Kinky Ladies)
[01:30:00] Lovestruck by Brook
[01:30:55] Jumping to please Brook
[01:31:37] Kisses for Brook
[01:31:50] Lovestruck by Goddess Luna
[01:32:10] Brook & Sophia cant keep their hands off Goddess Luna
[01:32:55] A massage for Goddess Luna! (Luna (mouthing): This is amazing!)
[01:33:45] Lovestruck by Sophia
[01:34:45] Lovestruck by Lex
[01:35:15] Baring their bodies for Lex

[01:35:35] Lex is a dork!
[01:35:53] Lovestruck by wineglasses!
[01:36:55] Lovestruck by their own breasts
[01:37:25] Lovestruck by Sophias Breasts
[01:38:40] Lovestruck by Mistress Raven
[01:39:05] Bouncing their butts for Mistress Raven
[01:40:00] Kitten Luna & Puppy Sophia for Mistress Raven
[01:40:35] Laser pointer shenanigans
[01:42:00] Everyone compelled to behave like kitties
[01:43:35] Mistress Brooks eager pet-girls
[01:45:00] Stripping for Mistress Brook
[01:46:30] Dancing, Stripping & Freezing for Mistress Brook
[01:48:10] Brook poses her frozen playmates
[01:51:35] Delayed reaction tickle pleasure
[01:53:45] More lady love for Mistress Brook
[01:55:30] Closing chat & Deprogramming

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