Entrancement UK - Natalia Forrest 4 (DC)
My 4th shoot with the ever stunning Natalia Forrest. Natalia started out being far too agreeable and easy to control, so to spice things up a little (Where’s the fun in controlling someone who’s happy to do everything you say?) I had her believing that she’d just rudely had her sunny holiday in the Maldives disturbed and wasn’t happy to find herself back in rainy Britain.That did the trick as she immediately began to resist and complain about not being in the mood to be controlled. FAR more entertaining!This shoot’s full of some very fun and sexy moments, such as having Natalia forget what her belly button is (and pressing it turns her into an unwitting zombie!) forgetting what her vagina is (and learning how to masturbate) and moving her clit to fun and exciting locations.

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  • Takey 4 years ago

    Can you add Hounor 1,2,3 and Setina 2?

  • The file is removed! 🙁

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      unfortunately they report our links, they monitor this website everyday and ruin our links you should download immediately

      • Can you re upload it again Plz?

        • Fetishman 4 years ago

          sorry buddy we don’t have the time for re-up videos you should download immediately because owner studios monitor this site everyday

          • OK. Thanks anyway. Keep up the good work.

      • I’m not a “they” I’m a “he”. Entrancement is just a one man operation buddy. 😛

        I’m *so* sorry for “ruining” your links, but as you’re kinda ruining my livelihood it seems only fair.

        My videos are much cheaper per minute than the majority of other hypno sites out there, that’s to keep them as affordable as possible for more people, not to make them easier to rip off and squirrel away to russian piracy sites ya cheeky chappy. 😛

        • Fetishman 4 years ago

          Hey Lex

          look i don’t have any personal issue with you, its business not personal. maybe don’t believe me but i like you, i said let me upload 10 minutes of your clips but you won’t so what can i do? look we are into warez stuffs i am wondering most of hypno studios are not used to see their content on warez site whereas it totally usual for other niches, we are more than four years into warez and we are managing more than 35 warez sites , you should learn nobody can stop warez world , we believe to freedom speech actually we provide this content for those people who can’t pay extra money for their fetishes, we act like robin hood

          • Cheers bud, glad someone likes me. 😉

            If it’s “business” not personal then are you making money out of the ad revenue? That wouldn’t be *exactly* like Robin Hood then, would it. 😛

            I don’t recall getting your email, so if you want to re-send it or remind me of which address it came from I’ll look into it again.

            I’d be fine with you uploading 10 minute segments of my clips. (Provided they didn’t show toooo much. :P) I’d also be alright with you uploading some of my older vids as I do have a number of videos out for free already.

            I get that not everyone can afford to spend their money on hypno vids, and some of the studios out there. (Naming no names) *will* nickle and dime people for every single minute of content. Splitting a 120 minute video into 12 chapters so you can try to charge people $120 for one shoot *is* a totally douchey move, but plenty of creators aren’t doing that.

            Obviously as a creator I don’t condone what you’re doing in any way… but if you mainly focused on sites that are now defunct, (or at least on older videos) it wouldn’t hurt content creators so much. 😛

            Yep MindControlTheatre’s videos are a little more expensive, but they’re a multi-person team, their production values are much higher than anyone else’s (multiple performers, hardcore sex, decent locations, proper scripts, better camera-work.) those guys need support, not theft.

            As for solo content creators, Ludella, GirlsGoneHypnotized and myself all sell videos at very fair prices.

            Hopefully sharing through a site like this isn’t costing us any sales, any time it does though, you’re directly making us poorer. (And if you *are* getting ad revenue as this site is riddled with ads and popups, you’re benefiting yourself.)

            I get that you’re never going to stop warez and torrenters, and I believe in free speech too, but I don’t see how taking and sharing someone else’s commercial product without permission comes under free speech. 😛

            Anyway, if you won’t stop altogether, if you could *try* to stick to the older stuff, rather than our brand new videos that’d be appreciated.


          • Fetishman 4 years ago

            hahaha we are kind of businessman robin hood anyway in the twenty-first century robin needs to get a job as well,:) but honestly we don’t make money by this content, in compare with other niches there is no money in hypno stuffs if i could make money you sure i would upload more content on this site everyday, actually i didn’t want to launch such hypno niches but i got a lot of requests from my visitors, honestly i would like to stop uploading hypno content because there is no any benefits or money for me but my visitors send a lot request everyday for example yesterday i got two new request regrinding to your studio, anyway you let me to upload your old releases so i will never upload your new releases, i promise , you will never see again your new content on this site , moreover from now i will try to upload your videos less than other studios , you have my words , i am so sorry if you harm due to this site, i am not going to hurt anyone

          • Thanks for your consideration. I’ll try to put more free content out for the people badgering you.

            Please ask folk asking for Entrancement content to contact me directly via my website. I’ll make a “Freebies” page and they can make their requests through that.



          • Fetishman 4 years ago

            sure dear lex, i will

  • Hi Fetishman,
    Thank you very much for sharing and uploading the videos. It is amazing the content you have.

    I wanted to ask if you could please upload the Kacie James video from Entranxement Uk (Link: when you have a moment.

    I have purchased some videos from Lex in the past, but unfortunately my finances are tight right now and I can’t afford this one; and I so much want to see it!

    Thanks again!

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      hey dear nemo, you are most welcome buddy
      yes we can, please just share its desktop link (not mobile link) we’ll definitely consider your request

  • token 3 years ago

    could you send me the video to my e-mail? [email protected] please its not working anymore 🙁

  • I can’t view this one

  • Reupload in the near future?

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      we are goring to reupload all old videos on this site but i don’t know when we will have free time