Entrancement UK - Nicky Phillips

Entrancement UK – Nicky Phillips

A FANTASTIC shoot with one of the hottest ladies I’ve ever worked with and this session’s full to the brim of great moments where I physically or mentally mess with the lovely lady.

Nicky was an absolute pleasure to play with. She was super chatty, very down to earth and had a really fun and bubbly personality, so it was quite the thrill to see her taking on different mental states and behaviours as a result of being hypnotized.

As a nudist she was super casual and comfortable… until I make her shy that is and she’s squealing with embarrassment and trying to cover up.

When I have her forget what her breasts are, she’s completely mystified by these strange new *things* that I’ve somehow attached to her chest.

Me: D’you like them?
Nicky: I don’t know… how did you get them on!?
Me: They came with a special fitting.
Nicky: Have you got some?

When I have her brain shrinking, she goes from being eloquent and intelligent to being an airheaded simpleton… all smiling and agreeable and vacant.

When I have her thinking she’s a stereotypical guy she’s sexist and arrogant and sits with her legs wide. (Her reaction when I returned her to normal after that was pretty damn hilarious.

Then there were times where I was switching her intelligence and attitudes around, having her haughty and stand-offish one minute, and then eager to be trained and controlled the next.

All in all an awesome shoot! Hope you all enjoy it

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