Entrancement UK – Setina Entranced 4

Setina’s pretty much the perfect subject. Kinky, submissive, extroverted, creative, and suuuuuper hot. I may have introduced her to mind control, but she goes under so regularly for her partner by this point that placing her in deep trance takes mere seconds and the induction (her second of the day) was an absolute breeze and took less than a minute.

She’s a great sense of humour, so is constantly laughing and joking and it’s a impressive example of the power of mesmerism when she finds herself thinking one thing (For example that she’s an innocent and chaste young lady) but her mouth and body keep doing something entirely different (for example, spreading her legs, teasing her pussy and telling me “Fuckdolls love to obey!”)

There’s a load of those sweet “What the hell?” and “Why am I doing this?” moments as well as fantastic periods where the intelligence or resistance drains from Setina’s face as it’s replaced with mindlessness, submission or slutty aroused obedience. Hot!

And did I mention how cool it is to keep a girl totally unable to orgasm no matter how much she might be edging and brinking and quivering at the precipice of orgasm? It’s awesome, and Setina’s eyes roll a lot whilst she’s there.

Brilliantly responsive, super sexual, the perfect Erotic Mind Control subject.

0:10 Welcome back! Catching up.
2:10 Conversational Induction
3:05 Instant “BLANK” trigger. It’s super effective!
3:15 Possessed Hand
4:30 Amnesia: We’ve not started yet!
5:10 Blank Trigger Play
5:40 Can’t help calling herself a plaything (Try as she might to stop!)
7:30 Waving groping hand (Aware, then oblivious)
9:30 Turning herself on… but doesn’t know she’s doing it
10:20 Her hands want to entrance her!
11:15 Possessed Shoes
13:45 Frozen Feet
14:25 Ministry of Silly Walks
15:00 Sexy Walking!
16:00 Slow Freeze
18:00 Frozen Posing
23:30 Crops her own butt any time she tries to sit
24:30 Can’t drop the crop
25:05 Mouth Stuck Wide
26:00 Frozen Sleep Poses
27:30 “Open Sesame” = Spreading like a slut
31:25 Can’t stop herself saying slutty things
33:20 Mental Bound, Ballgagged & Tickling
34:10 The safe word is…
35:00 Foot play, tickling and sexy feelings
40:00 Her hands are controlled by her sex drive
43:00 Ticklish clothing must be removed (Then forgotten about!)
44:45 Nude, Mindless, and under the control of her own sexdrive
45:20 Pendant Training (Blank and aroused when she sees it.)
46:30 Wants to behave… but keeps saying and doing slutty things
47:30 Slut from the neck down… innocent and embarrassed from the neck up.
48:25 Single-minded slut all over!
49:00 Blank Setina-Slut brainwashes herself deeper
50:00 Frozen Fuckdoll Close Inspection
53:00 Empress’s New Dress
54:48 Mental Blindfold (Eyes open, but sees nothing)
56:40 Sucking an invisible cock
58:00 Denied Orgasm (Freezes at the moment where she’d cum)
59:50 Arousal increases obedience
1:01:49 Short Break
1:03:25 Confused guy wakes alone in Setina’s body
1:08:30 Guy in a Girl’s Body Edging
1:09:00 Ooh a dildo! … but a forcefield’s pushing it away!
1:09:50 Automatically brainlessly sucks anything that approaches her mouth
1:10:30 Brainless Self Fucking and Pendant Training Mantras
1:11:45 Guy gets his brain back at the Brink
1:14:30 Setina’s trapped in the mirror. “Stan” outside of it.
1:17:30 Lovestruck by her (his?) reflection
1:20:00 Denied Orgasm, Freezes then sleeps at the moment of orgasm
1:22:45 Embarrassed to be nude, skimpy leotard seems like full clothing
1:24:00 The Nanobot Leotard overrides her movements
1:25:00 “ACCESS DENIED!” pose compulsion
1:27:45 SetinaBot: Pose Mode
1:29:25 SetinaBot: StripTease Mode with Ornamental Freeze Component
1:33:00 SetinaBot: Fucking Machine Mode
1:35:55 SetinaBot: Orgasm Restriction Removed. Building Up…
1:36:15 SetinaBot: MindFucking
1:36:40 SetinaBot: Orgasm on Command (With eye rolls!)

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