I loved my sister. Please don’t misunderstand my actions. I just wanted more, I just wanted to be close to her. I tried to make her understand that anything we would do would be our secret, but Chloe always told me I was sick and I needed help… I’m the kind of person that doesn’t take no for an answer… My new found obsession with the deep web paid off again. I soon found tons of classified documents on mind control, CIA experiments, even a site that sold “compliance aides.” I spent a few months pay on a strange device that emitted red and blue light that with simple suggestions would create a completely obedient subject. I was very skeptical when it first arrived but quickly realized I had something very powerful in my possession… I was slightly worried about the potential side effects, but I had no choice but to try it out… Like I said, I loved my sister, but now I love her so much more….

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