This is part 2 of Miss_Lollipop and I’s double hypnotism session with Hypn0Sin.
Master awakens us both for an intermission but is able to put either us back under whenever he wants using trigger words he set up in part 1 of our session. First he uses my word and I fall into a trance with Miss_Lollipop watching my changed state. I follow her’s and Hypn0Sin’s every command like a good little fuck puppet, ready to please.
Lolli seems to really enjoy my blank state and makes me pleasure her with my tongue and fingers. She wants me to stay that way, but Hypn0Sin tells her that he only has so much time and then uses her trigger word to put her into a trance as well. He controls us both while we’re in deep trances and has us finger fuck each other. He wakes me up now with a submissive Lolli right in front of me and let’s me have my devious way with her. I have just the sexual favor that I want in mind for her, and I stare into her wide eyes amazed at her blank state before turning around and shoving my ass in her face for her to pleasure with her tongue.
After I have her tongue fuck me, I have her kiss me with my ass juice on her tongue, then I tease her a bit while she sits in front of me, so mindless. I laugh and giggle as I make her say what I want, and do what I want, then my time is up, and the clip ends with Lolli still under.

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