This is part 3 of my double hypnotism session with Miss_Lollipop.
Our uses my trigger word to put me under along with Lolli, who is still in a trance. He plans to introduce her to an old friend– Master Kaa! Our heads sway back and forth as we follow his eyes as they colorfully swirl in front of us, falling deeper into his dangerous trance. We grind our hips into his invisible cock, and as he fucks us he coils around us, anxious to devour his willing prey. Our eyes cross and our mouths smile as we gasp for air and cum all over Master Kaa’s cock!
After our meeting with the snake is over, Kyle wants to have some more fun with his little fuck puppets, and has us bounce up and down on invisible cocks after taking a drag from an invisible cigarette as well. Our tits bounce up and down and our my mouths hang open as we climb closer and closer to orgasm, but can’t express it. Hypn0Sin erases the trigger words he’s given us for the session, and commands us that awaken after we cum.
Once we’re both awake we’re quite happy and giddy as we snuggle each other, and Miss_Lollipop seems to be pretty spooked that she doesn’t remember anything since she got to have her devious way with me while I was under and she got to control me. She seems surprised when I mention that I got to have some fun with her that way too

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