This is my 11th Hypnotism Session with Hypn0Sin. This time it’s a double session with the lovely Miss_Lollipop!
This is my Lolli’s first time submitting to him, and she was a great little fuck puppet! We of course recorded the whole session (which is cut into 3 parts) for all you pervs, who’ve become addicted to our Hypnotism clips! 😉
After we’re completely under, he has us remove our bra and panties and unfolds a scene for us. We’re in a bar and there’s a nice man who’s been flirting with us, and he takes us back into a velvety room for some more fun. We don’t mind when he pulls his cock out and fucks us like the mindless little slaves we are, and willingly grind back and forth on him till we both cum and squirt.
Next after affirming who our master is, we scissor each other! We both blankly stare at the spiraling vortex as we rub our pussies together becoming blanker and blanker, until we’re allowed to cum. We’re both pretty fried after this, but Hypn0Sin is far from finished toying with his two obedient girls. Stay tuned for part 2 where he let’s us take turns dominating each other.

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