Girls Controlled To Be Bad – Amiee Cambridge – Public Disgrace

This was shot, kind of impromptu at Fetishcon 2013… It was Sunday morning, my shoots for Sunday were cancelled due to being hung-over or lack of a location to shoot at… so I was chilling with Amiee, and I got the bright idea of doing a quick video! She was game… so we were on! But my camera gear was in the car and I honestly did not have the energy to go get it…. so I thought, let me film it with my iPhone! So here it is… filmed 100% with my iPhone 5.. let’s see how it turns out!

We start off in the hotel room as I start programming her. She complies intantly because we’ve been working throughout the week also… and then once I have ensured she’s programmed we move downstairs to the pool area…

Luckily it was still early, so the pool only had a few people there… as we find a spot to sit at and talk… while we are talking, I ask her her hand and she gives it to me reluctantly as I instantly put her into a deep program state. And I program her with a few magic words: sl**p, freeze, and please… when I say either one of those words, they will work instantly…

Now after all that is out of the way, we start talking more.. as I say PLEASE and she goes dark… and I tell her to remove her shirt and put it back on – but backwards and inside out… and she instantly responds to me with a Yes Master and starts doing what I asked of her. Once done, she realizes something is off… and looks down and instantly knows what I did.. We’ve worked together too many times for her not to. SHe does a face plant, and tries to pass it off as a new fashion statement…

Then I push it a bit further as I again say PLEASE as she again goes dark; and I then tell her to remove her bra and put it on outside of her shirt!! With a Yes Master she complies… and then when she snaps out of my spell; I ask her to look down.. and she’s afraid to.. and when she does, she starts yelling at me… doing more face plants! lol

This isn’t enough disgrace for her, becuase everyone knows I love Amiee to .. so I have to push her even further. So I say PLEASE again and tell her to go to the rest room, and put your underwear on top of your pants! Again she instantly complies with a Yes Master and proceeds to go to the rest room.. as I follow her, and then wait for her to return. As she is coming out of the rest room, and following her back to our seat outside.. we can visibily see she’s wearing her undewear on her pants.. and has no clue! Then we start talking about, and I ask her about her pants.. and as she looks down, she notices what happened and does another couple of face plants again!

I need to spice things up a bit more now as I say PLEASE have an orgasm each and everytime someone touches your knees… with the Yes Master I start asking her about her pants.. as I reach down and touch her knees.. she starts reeling in pleasure screaming out loud but catches herself quickly and snaps out of that… I do this a few more times, and she proceeds to stop me from keeping her orgasmings… so I want to step this up more! I put her back into a limp program state of being with the sl**p magic word… and as such I tell her that her knees are shiny and pretty (she likes shiny and pretty things) and that she just has to touch them!!! And then when I bring her out, she looks at her knees like they are candy.. eyeing them, and then touching them as she breaks out into an instense orgasm!!!

This goes on for a bit, and then finally towards the end I have her hands sticky thinking that they will stick on her knees and she will orgasm over and over again.. but Amiee’s mind is smarter than me.. and this trigger works; but it voided the other one. SOOOO, I make her walk about to the insides with her hands stuck to her knees… and as we do, a bystander walks by us.. asn Amiee yells out what is happening… and then we cut to black.

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