Girls Gone Hypnotized – A Thing for Feet pt 5

Khloe is about to head out for the evening when her evil stepmother, Hannah, stops her and instructs her to do her chores. Khloe refuses and continues to the door when Hannah stops her in her tracks by speaking a trigger phrase – “My feet haven’t been massaged today”. The trigger instantly puts Khloe back under her stepmother’s hypnotic control. Her mind goes blank and she obeys, calling her “mistress” as she carries out her commands. She is instructed to rub, smell, and kiss Hannah’s pantyhosed feet for an extended amount of time.

While Khloe is hypnotized, Hannah makes the mistake of telling her how she came to have this power over her. Later in the afternoon, Khloe comes out of her trance and remembers what she was told. She finds her stepmother’s secret weapon, a pocket watch, and dangling it from her toes, puts Hannah under her hypnotic control. Now Hannah is turned into Khloe’s mindless foot bitch, and made to lick and suck her bare feet and toes.

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