School teacher, Amy, comes over to introduce herself to her new next-door neighbor. She discovers that he is a hypnotherapist, which immediately peeks her curiosity. She explains that she’s been trying to quit smoking for some time and she’d love it if he could help her out. He agrees, but the temptations of having a beautiful girl under his control in the privacy of his own home are too strong to ignore.

While Amy sits in a hypnotic daze, she is forced to reveal embarrassing sexual fantasies of her’s. She is also given the instruction to follow and obey the hypnotist’s commands without hesitation, and always respond by saying, “yes, master”. Further conditioning and training are needed, of course, so there are many other submissive mantras Amy repeats throughout the duration of her trance.

Unfortunately, Amy’s bad smoking habits aren’t cured, but her master’s desires for hypnotic dominance over his beautiful neighbor are. She is forced to satisfy his interest in her pretty painted toes, pass out on command, freeze in place, walk like a zombie, and much, much more!


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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