Girls Gone Hypnotized – Built for Pleasure 4

After a hard day’s work on the road, Selena decides to stay at the Satisfaction Suites she found online, who curiously offer a 50% discount to all single women. Selena takes advantage of the odd promotion and checks into her room, ready for a hot relaxing shower. She notices that the showerhead seems unusually decorative, with its flashing colorful lights, but after a few moments in the shower, Selena doesn’t feel well. She begins choking on the water and gasping for a breath. She’s unaware that nanites have just entered her body through the water, and in seconds she will be a completely programmable and obedient robot.

Now that the nanites have taken control of Selena’s mind, its time for her to report downstairs for conversion. She enters a stall, and later emerges completely silver and ready to be programmed. Upon receiving her programming, Selena becomes Pleasure Unit 746 – a full service robot intended to serve, obey, and bring pleasure to whichever male guest she’s been assigned to.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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