Girls Gone Hypnotized - Freya Controlled By Glasses

Girls Gone Hypnotized – Freya Controlled By Glasses

Freya Controlled by the Glasses

Freya’s boyfriend has been trying to get her to wear a sexy costume for him for some time now. She constantly refuses his request, and her attitude towards him seems to be getting worse by the day. He decides it’s time to try out his new magic toy he recently found – a pair of mind control glasses that instantly hypnotize the wearer. Freya is tricked into putting them on, and then seconds later falls completely under his command. Not only will Freya now wear his erotic costume, but she will helplessly and mindlessly follow any order she receives. Her boyfriend is now her master, and her only desire is to obey.

Key highlights of video include:
Hypnotized by a pair of mind-control glasses
Addresses her boyfriend as “master”
Freya’s thoughts can be heard by the viewer
Repeats her orders as her boyfriend programs her mind
Stands entranced while inspected
Begins to sleepwalk through the room repeating mantras
Kneels before her master and professes her obedience
Made to change into a Greek Goddess costume
Looked over by her master in her new outfit
Models her hew costume, changing poses with each snap of the fingers
So deeply controlled that she remains hypnotized after the glasses are removed
Again sleepwalks through the room repeating mantras
Sits in a trance repeating mantras while her master admires her legs and bare feet
Made to stand and remove her top
Ordered to sleepwalk topless and repeat her commands
Virtual simulated scene – camera on bottom (no real sex, no male nudity)
Topless nudity


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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