Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hannah Hypnotized 3

When Hannah arrives to pick up her son from her estranged husband, a special presentation is prepared for her on the TV. Hannah gets hypnotized by a spinning spiral and brainwashed from the voice coming from the program. She is slowly turned into her husband’s mindless and submissive slave, obeying all commands from the program and soon from her husband. Before long, his hypnotized wife ends up naked and with a new, loving personality.

Full Download Details:
18 minutes, 39 seconds

Key highlights of video include:

Hypnotized by a spinning spiral and a robotic voice
“Yes, masters” and programmed mantras repeated
Instructed to remove her clothing
Sleepwalking/zombie-walking scenes while repeating mantras (2)
Answers questions and obeys commands coming from the hypnotic program
Kneels in obedience and repeats her mantras
Husband takes control of his hypnotized wife
Brought out of trance and given a new, loving and flirtatious personality
Full nude
Simulated BJ scene (no real sex, no male nudity)


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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