Girls Gone Hypnotized – Helpless and Hypnotized 2

Hot country girl Amanda has moved to the big city and has a new neighbor – one who fancies himself a hypnotist. When he sees sexy Amanda sitting outside all alone, he can’t let this golden opportunity pass.

Upon being approached, Amanda is polite enough, but a bit dismissive and wants to be left alone. Luckily, he brought along a device which makes her a bit more agreeable, and quickly finds himself being invited in her apartment. But he didn’t come over sit around and shoot the breeze. He knew from the moment he saw her, that he needed to get a real close look at those beautiful, naked, big tits of hers… and to hear her call him “Master” in her cute, country accent. Fortunately, he also brought along a hypnotist’s weapon of choice – a nice, shiny pocket watch!


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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