Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypno Role Play

Brianne’s live-in boyfriend comes home to a strange sight – his girlfriend kneeling in front of the TV in a trance. Not only that, but she’s wearing a slutty navy girl costume! She’s been hypnotized by a spiral on the television, and once her boyfriend finds out how to break her trance, Brianne tries to explain that the last thing she remembers is the cable guy tinkering with their TV.

She tries desperately to convince him that nothing happened between the cable guy and herself, but Brianne’s boyfriend isn’t entirely sure. Looking down at Brianne in that sexy navy girl outfit, he does what any other guy would do – he turns the spiral back on and puts Brianne back in a trance, only this time she’s calling him “Master”.

Brianne’s boyfriend had no idea that she was hiding a sexy costume like that in her closet and he can’t help but wonder if she has any more. He decides to have her try on different costumes and have her take on the personalities of each one she’s wearing at that time! Of course, she still needs to spend some time being nothing more than a mindless zombie slave too…

Includes a bonus clip at the end featuring Brianne being hypnotized by a swinging watch while wearing a cheerleader costume!

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