This video is the third installment in the “Hypno Shorts” series and consists of 4 separate clips, all starring Brittany.

Clip 1: Induction
This clip is nearly 5 minutes long and features Brittany being hypnotized with a swinging pocket watch while wearing a sexy blue nighty. She repeats commands while watching the watch with her arms stretched out in front of her before sleepwalking around the room and chanting mantras.

Clip 2: From Maid to Dancer
This 6 minute clip starts with Brittany sleeping in her bed when her husband enters the room and entrances her with a spinning -light device. She steps out of bed in a brown nighty and begins cleaning the apartment in a trance, as she’s been commanded. When her husband grows tired of this, he orders her to put on a dancer’s outfit and perform a sexy belly dance while in a hypnotic state. Of course, she mindlessly obeys.

Clip 3: Hypnotized Stepsister
Brittany shows her stepbrother a strange pocket watch she found while cleaning out their grandfather’s garage. She jokingly asks him to try and hypnotize her with it, which he succeeds at doing. He does what any excited 18 year old boy would do and makes her his slave. She is made to kneel before him and chant mantras before changing into a sexy dancer’s outfits. When she returns to the room still hypnotized and wearing her new outfit, she is made to put on a very erotic dance for him. Next, he brings her before him on her knees and deepens her trance with the old watch. This clip ends with a length simulated sex scene in which she repeats mantras such as, “I am your hypnotized sex slave”. (no real sex takes place, only simulated; no male nudity is shown)

Clip 4: Remote Control Wife
Brittany is a robot wife, fitted with a chip in her head that responds to the signals of a remote control. She is completely obedient to her husband. At the press of a button, she is summoned into the living room and played with as a doll. She is also powered down and back up again with a press on her forehead. She has many different “service modes”, one in particular her husband really enjoys…

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