Julia has responded to an ad posted online looking for a subject willing to be hypnotized for cash. She shows up, eager to be tranced and earn a few extra bucks. Turns out that she’s very capable of going under and following commands. Once hypnotized, she’s ordered to repeat mantras such as, “I obey hypnotist” and “I hear and obey”. Julia is made to do things like show off her pretty painted toe nails and act like a little bird. At one point, she’s snapped out of her trance, but asks to be put back under because she thinks it’s cool how easily she was controlled. Of course, the hypnotist obliges, and places her back under with his swinging watch.

She’s also made to remove her jacket and walk like a zombie, all the while repeating various mantras like “hypnotist is master” and “control me, master”. When her master is done playing with her, he brings her back out of trance. Julia expresses her enjoyment of the session as she thinks it was really fun… until the matter of payment comes up…

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