Alisha has been studying hypnosis, and today in class, she hypnotized her first subject. She’s excited to try it on her friend and show him what she’s learned. Alisha tells him to focus on the pocket watch and her voice as she guides him into trance, but soon into the induction, it’s Alisha who is getting hypnotized. She accidentally counts herself down from 10 to 0 and falls into a deep state of hypnosis. When she wakes up, she thinks that her friend is the one who is hypnotized and she begins giving him commands, however, when she snaps her fingers, she is the one who goes into a trance and obeys the command she has just given. This continues through the session, and Alisha has no idea she is the one under hypnosis. At the end of the session she erases her own memory and has no idea she was every hypnotized.

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