Girls Gone Hypnotized – Hypnotized Russian Professor

Vassanta is a Russian Language professor at the university. One of her students has tracked down where she lives and pays her a little visit. He asks nicely for her to raise his poor grade, but when she refuses, he resorts to his preferred method of persuasion – hypnosis. Vassanta is dazed when he begins to swing a pocket watch in front of her eyes, falling into a deep trance and under his complete control. He soon has his hypnotized teacher naked and doing anything she is told to do.

Full Download Details:
19 minutes, 27 seconds

Key highlights of video include:

Swinging watch inductions (2)
Zombie/sleepwalking scenes (clothed and nude)
Lots of “yes masters” and mantras repeated
Stands in a trance repeating mantras
Made to kneel in submission while repeating mantras
Made to change outfits and model while stripping
Made to give a Russian lesson while in nothing but her panties
Made to remove panties and walk in a trance
Snapped out of trance, re-hypnotized with watch
Full nude

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