A video removed from GirlsGoneHypnotized, after the model featuring in it asked to do so.

Jes plays the role of a girl who is visited by one of her brother´s friends. He shows her a shiny pendant, making her fall under a deep spell. Once hypnotized, she is ordered to walk through the room as a sleepwalker. After a while, she is ordered to remain still while she is fondled by the guy. She is ordered put a sexier dress on, and once she comes back, she is fondled again. The next order is to remove her shoes and to start walking like a sleepwalker again. She is ordered to go to her room again and to come back shirtless. The guy fondles her again once she comes back. She is ordered to walk as a sleepwalker (for a third time) and afterwards he fondles her tits again.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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