Jewells is going through a bad break up with her ex Gary. Gary has been making vague threats, so Jewells calls her friend Eryka over to keep her safe. Soon after they hang up, Jewells hears a knock at the door and answers expecting to find Eryka. She instead finds Gary, who hypnotizes her and turns her into his mindless slave. Jewells is now docile and submissive, obeying any command her master gives her. Her first orders are to hypnotize her friend Eryka when she arrives, which she does without much issue. With Eryka now hypnotized and ready to obey, control of her mind is given over to her master Gary as well. Gary now controls both hypnotized women, having them mindlessly carry out any command he can think of. The limits of their hypnotic obedience are tested when the girls are made to go topless and fondle each other’s tits. Not long after their intimate encounter, Jewells is made to watch her ex fuck her best friend on her living room floor.

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