Jordana has been accepted as a magician’s assistant and she is meeting her boss for the first time. She is told that the first “trick” they must rehearse is hypnosis. Jordana thinks it’s all fake and acted until she finds herself really being hypnotized. Once under the magician control, Jordana is made to strip nude and carry out all of his commands while calling him “master”.

Full Video Details:
25 minutes, 16 seconds

Key highlights of video include:

Swinging crystal inductions (3)
Lots of “yes, masters” and mantras repeated
Many sleepwalking/zombie scenes
Kneeling and worshiping
Felt up while entranced
Frozen and posed
Made to stretch and do splits while nude
Made to think she is a cat
Snapped out of trance twice and re-hypnotized
Full nude

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