Girls Gone Hypnotized – Katrina Hypnotized

Katrina is interviewing for a new babysitter position, but the man has other ideas of what he’d like to use her for. She is tricked into looking at his phone, which has a hypnotic app on it, ready to turn Katrina into his brainwashed slave. She soon becomes hypnotized and obeys any command given to her.

Key highlights of video include:

Hypnotized with a mesmerizing phone app
Swinging watch induction
Zombie/sleepwalking scenes (both clothed and topless)
Lots of “yes masters” and mantras repeated
Frozen in place repeating mantras while she is inspected and felt up
Made to strip clothing off
Kneels before master repeating mantras while tits are felt up
Snapped out of trance and is re-hypnotized with a pocket watch
Angry reaction when released from trance
Virtual implied scene – HJ (no real sex, no male nudity)
Topless, down to panties (brief full nude scene)
Made to get dressed and leave as if nothing happened

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