Girls Gone Hypnotized - Khloe - Making a Sex-Bot 2

Khloe is the latest victim in a “Sex-bot Conversion Program” where young, helpless women are picked-up off of the street and are reprogrammed into obedient, little robots who’s only purpose is to fuck.

Khloe is hypnotized with a crystal while begging for gas money in a parking lot. Once she is put into a deep sleep, she is transported back to a conversion station and fitted with a mind control helmet. The helmet is activated and Khloe snaps to attention, ready to receive her programming. She is so deeply controlled that even her eyes have changed color. A Sex-bot OS is installed into her now robotic mind along with some other sexual programming. Khloe’s sexual abilities are then tested before being shipped off for redistribution.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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