Girls Gone Hypnotized – Lily Controlled by the Cube

Lily is not appreciative of the fact that her neighbor keeps taking her assigned parking space. He does it to annoy her, and because he has a crush on her. But Lily can’t take a joke. She is very pretty, but her personality can use a little work. So her neighbor bought a mind-altering light cube off the internet and installed it in his home. He left the setting on blue (freeze), and when he comes home, he finds a frozen Lily shouting at his front door. He unfreezes her and lets her inside. He tolerates her nasty attitude because he knows that in a few moments he’ll be able to change it to drunk/flirty or mindless and obedient – whichever he chooses at the time. Lily is switched between all three settings randomly and repeatedly throughout her visit, and ends up getting a permanent adjustment in the end.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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