Cute little Chloe has decided she’s like to give modeling a try and schedules a shoot with a local photographer. The problem is Chloe is very nervous and asks for tips on how to relax. The photographer suggests she try hypnosis, as he’s “helped” many girls before her this way. She agrees and is soon put under using a swinging pocket watch. Of course, once she’s under his control, it’s far too tempting to just let this opportunity go to waste.

She’s put under and made to repeat submissive mantras, giving control to her photographer, or “master”. She then poses for a series of photos while in a trance before being deepened by the watch once more. From there on out she is at his command, walking as a zombie while repeating commands, becoming a ballerina, and much, much more. At the end of her shoot, she is programmed to obey her master in the future whenever he calls for her.

Later Chloe is triggered to show up at her master’s house for what she thinks is another shoot. She is once again placed in a trance and put through a series of erotic tests to prove her obedience, this time changing into multiple sexy outfits and getting completely nude. She’s made to clean her master’s apartment and worship him wearing a sexy leather pair of shorts and black boots. Much more training and programming of her mind and a fantasy sex scene (no male nudity or actual sex) are included as well.

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