Girls Gone Hypnotized – Mixed Signals

Lori is a tease who has been sending mixed signals to her poor, sex deprived friend. Her friend is determined to make his latest rejection from her to be his last though. After he is sent home defeated from her apartment one night, he waits until she’s gone to bed and returns with a mind control chip he designed especially for her. The chip works so well that when Lori awakens, she is completely hypnotized and even has red spirals in her eyes to prove it! All of Lori’s actions are controlled through a remote which sends a signal to Lori’s dominated brain. She has no choice but to be his little slave and profess her “love” for her master.

Things are seemingly going well for our mad scientist, after an entire evening of erotic fun…. until he commands Lori to serve him in a way she would never agree to willingly. He makes the mistake of removing her mind control chip to see if she will follow though with her most important mission yet, without being forced. Now he must think fast to get Lori back under his power before she can call for help.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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