Nyxon has gained the attention of a secret admirer who has big dreams of building a life together with her. He has decided it’s not worth the time and effort to try and win her heart by conventional means so he must brainwash and reprogram her to be his obedient robot instead.

Nyxon answers the door and is knocked out after being bonked on the head. She wakes up to find a special presentation on her TV set is playing just for her – a hypnotic program that will remove her personality and convert her into a robot slave. Her admirer places a mind control helmet on her head to ensure that her mind is open and fully receptive to the hypnotic programming. Nyxon becomes known to herself only as “Nyxon-Bot”. Nyxon-Bot will now mindlessly serve and obey her creator. Not only has he taken over Nyxon’s mind, but her home as well

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