Penny answers the door to find one of her guy friends asking to show her and her roommate, Lucy, “something cool”. The girls invite him in and he produces a pocket watch and begins swinging it in front of them both. Amused at the idea that he thinks he can actually hypnotize them, the girls allow him to try, only to find that they can’t resist his hypnotic control over them. They both fall helplessly under his command and obey their master’s orders without question. He has fun bringing one out of trance to see the other still hypnotized, only to re-hypnotize her and do the same to the other girl. They are commanded into their lingerie and put on display for him. At the end of it all, he leaves both girls with no memory of what just took place.

Key highlights of video include:

Swinging watch induction (3)
Lots of “yes, master” talk and mantras repeated
Many sleepwalking/zombiewalking scenes
Made to sleep (Penny only)
Kneeling and worshiping (Lucy only)
Girls change into lingerie
Lucy hypnotizes Penny (while still hypnotized herself)
Girls stand at attention while touched and felt up
Girls repeat mantras in unison
Girls are left with no memory of what happened while under hypnosis


Girls Gone Hypnotized



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