Girls Gone Hypnotized – Raven Remote Controlled

Raven is off to the gym to flirt with the hot yoga trainer… or so she thinks anyway. She can’t resist the opportunity to berate her husband on the way out to door; calling him fat and lazy as usual. But her husband has a fun, new little toy to try out on his adulterous wife. He points a remote at Raven and presses the button. Instantly her mind goes blank and she stands up straight. All of her sass from moments earlier is gone. She’s now ready to follow and obey her master’s orders, including stripping off her clothes and demonstrating her yoga poses for him. She grinds her ass in his lap and rubs her bare feet on his dick. Along the way, Raven is occasionally released from his control just so she knows who’s in charge of who now. But Raven is now going to do anything her husband commands of her.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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