Girls Gone Hypnotized – Rosemary and Lucy Get Hypnotized

Rosemary and Lucy are hanging with their guy friend. During conversation, they get on the subject of hypnosis and learn that he’s been taking classes. Rosemary is afraid to be hypnotized, but Lucy excitedly volunteers herself. She follows a pocket watch with her eyes and gets dropped into a deep trance. Their guy friend thinks it will be funny if he plays with Lucy’s chest while she’s under hypnosis; Rosemary doesn’t find it very amusing though. Naturally the solution is to put Rosemary under hypnosis as well, so he can have two hypnotized slaves instead of one.

Key highlights of video include:

Lucy is hypnotized with a pocket watch, while Rosemary watches.
Lucy is made to sleepwalk through the room while repeating “I am under hypnosis” as Rosemary looks on in amazement.
Lucy’s bare chest is played with while Rosemary looks on in disapproval.
Rosemary is hypnotized against her will, using the pocket watch.
Both girls must answer “yes master” when giving an order.
Rosemary’s chest is felt up through her shirt as both girls repeat “we cannot resist”.
Rosemary is forced to take off her top and bra. Her bare chest is felt up by her master.
Both girls are briefly brought out of trance. Both are humiliated by the fact that they are topless.
Both girls are told to focus on the swinging watch. They are hypnotized and repeat their programming in unison while topless.
Made to strip to their panties and rub each other’s tits.
Both girls must sleepwalk in circles together while repeating their mantra.
Lucy is snapped out of trance and sees that Rosemary is still hypnotized and chanting her mantra.
Lucy tries to snap Rosemary out of trance, but gets put back under.
Their master feels up both of their tits while they remain in a trance.
Both girls are made to kneel next to each other and submit themselves to their master.
The girls focus on the pocket watch while their memories of the event are erased from their minds.
The girls are made to get dressed while repeating “we are happy to be hypnotized”.
Topless, nude down to panties.

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