Girls Gone Hypnotized – Sam Hypnotized

Jennifer finds her friend, Sam, extremely attractive and sexy. She wants to have a romantic relationship with her, but Sam doesn’t seem receptive to that idea. Sam tells Jennifer that she isn’t bisexual and she doesn’t find women attractive at all. Jennifer tricks Sam into getting hypnotized when she tells her to look at her grandmother’s old family heirloom, and to look deep into it as it swings back and forth. Sam goes into a trance and is now under Jennifer’s complete control. Can Jennifer turn Sam into her bisexual love slave with the power of hypnosis?

Key highlights of video include:

Jennifer hypnotizes Sam by having her focus on a swinging pocket watch. She talks her down into a deep trance.
Jennifer begins to implant suggestions into Sam’s hypnotized mind. Sam stares blankly ahead and repeats the phrases Jennifer gives her.
Sam must answer “yes mistress” when given a command.
Sam is instructed to bring her mistress a water and then rub her feet. Sam must repeat the phrases she is given while rubbing Jennifer’s feet.
Sam is told to sleepwalk through the room while repeating her mantra. Jennifer watches her slave with lustfull eyes.
Sam is forced to remove Jennifer’s shirt and bra, then rub her mistress’s boobs while repeating the mantras she is given.
Sam must remove her shirt and bra. She remains entranced as Jennifer plays with her boobs now.
Sam becomes a mannequin and is posed by Jennifer.
Jennifer brings Sam out of hypnosis, hoping now that she will be openly bisexual. When Sam becomes angry, Jennifer snaps her fingers and Sam goes back into a trance.
Jennifer tells Sam to remove the rest of her clothing.
Sam is made to sleepwalk in circles nude while repeating “I love obeying my mistress, I can’t resist”. Jennifer removes her shorts and panties.
Sam is made to do a sexy lap dance on Jennifer.
Jennifer kisses Sam on the mouth while Sam remains in a trance and stares mindlessly ahead.
Both girls fully nude.

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