Girls Gone Hypnotized – Talent Agent 2

Vassanta is ready to pursue a modeling career so she schedules to meet with an agent. This agent has a habit of collecting beautiful, aspiring models for his own personal harem though. He tells them they need to watch a training video, but instead of providing insight on the industry, the video hypnotizes and brainwashes the beautiful women. Vassanta is the next unfortunate victim of the devious agent, and is hypnotized and converted into his personal robot slave. Vassanta’s personality is slowly removed, and her robotic mind is filled with programms of servitude and obedience. Vassanta is permanently converted into a unit and made to serve and obey her new owner.

Full Download Details:
22 minutes, 06 seconds

Key highlights of video include:

Hypnotized by a spinning spiral and a robotic voice (2)
“Yes, masters” and programmed mantras repeated
Converted into a robot, made to believe that her mind is a computer
Programs are hypnotically installed into her robotic mind
Responds to remote control
Instructed to remove her clothing
Made to test joint mobility
Placed into companion mode. Rubs her owner’s shoulders and asks about his day.
Placed into sanitization mode. Made to clean her owner’s apartment.
Receives an upgrade to her programming. Programs are permanently installed and sexual programming is included.
Zombie/sleepwalking scene
Commanded to head to her owner’s bedroom
Full nude

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