Vika has arrived at a man’s apartment for a modeling gig, but immediately gets a bad vibe when she sees no lighting equipment, and realizes that the photographer will be shooting on his cell phone. Creeped out, Vika plays along, hoping to get her pay check and leave. But things become even more unpleasant when she is asked to pose nude – something that was not previously agreed upon. The photographer sees that Vika is not cooperating as he’d like, so he tries to persuade her using hypnosis. He shows her a pocket watch and begins to swing it back and forth. Vika realizes what’s happening and tries to fight it, but it’s no use – she is easy to hypnotize and falls completely under the man’s control. Vika mindlessly and dutifully carries out any command he gives her, responding with an empty “yes master” to acknowledge that she will obey. She spends much of the time paying for her disrespect by acting out animal imitations, chanting mantras, sleepwalking through the room, and modeling nude (as her master had originally intended). Vika has no choice but to obey and will be left with no memory of the event after its all over.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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