Viola is put under the magic spell of mysterious man. With a simple hand gesture Viola’s mind and body are completely taken over. Her eyes go wide, and she mindlessly obeys her master’s commands. She is completely devoted to doing her master’s bidding now, and has no free will of her own. Her only purpose is to please her master sexually.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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  • donthaveone 2 years ago

    pleeaase publish “hypnotized by her brother” the newest video from girlsgonehypnotized!!

  • dohaveone 2 years ago

    please post “Webcam Foot Slaves” or “Lucy and Raven Triggered to Obey” from girlsgonehypnotized

  • Please make,

    Compliance chip

    Movie night
    Viola and Carrie

    Lust ray
    Madalyn ravae

    Layla under a spell

    Love darts

    Built for pleasure 5
    Madelyn Ravae.

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      we got some of them and we will upload them gradually