GirlsGoneHypnotized – Hypnotized Hillbilly – Freya

Freya is a barefoot hillbilly girl, home from the country for a visit with her mama. But she comes home to find that her mama has gone shopping and it’s now just her and her stepdad. He’s always found Freya hot, but a little on the dumb side. With Freya’s mom gone for the time being, now is his chance to try and hypnotize her with a pocket watch. Freya’s low intelligence seems to make it easy for him to hypnotize her. She’s easily captivated by the old watch and now will do anything he says. Freya is made into a mindless slave briefly, but then woken up and made to find her stepdad irresistibly attractive. She can’t help but strip out of her clothes and climb on top of him. But he makes sure to wipe Freya’s memory of everything that happened before mama gets home.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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