GirlsGoneHypnotized – Josette Hypnotized 2

Josette returns to be re-hypnotized for some more extra cash by the same guy she met online the first time. This time, she comes to his house though and he has a nice little bikini waiting for her to try on once she’s under his control.

She is put under hypnosis using a pocket watch while laying on the couch, repeating commands and mantras given to her to deepen her programming. Her plaid outfit she shows up in is just too cute to be so quickly dismissed, so before having her change into the bikini he has some fun posing his hypnotized subject and demanding her to walk around the apartment like a zombie while chanting mantras for her master.

Then it’s off to clean his apartment in a skimpy bikini as she becomes his hypnotized bikini slave. What other fun awaits poor Josette?…

This video also includes a segment titled, “Josette Entranced by the Hypno Ring”, in which Josette is controlled through a seemingly magic device that hypnotizes her whenever it’s activated. Her husband slips the ring on her finger while she sleeps, thinking this is finally the way to get his wife to do a little work around the house. When he sees how well the ring works, there’s no way he can stop at just having his hypnotized beauty do boring housework.

And finally, we have also included a video segment titled, “Josette Knocked Out & Hypnotized 2”. Poor Josette his relaxing on the couch in her bikini when her husband enters the room and places her into a hypnotic trance. Once she’s under he knocks her out with a knock on the head. Of course, she’s woken up to only be re-hypnotized and knocked out again a couple of times…

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