GirlsGoneHypnotized – Karly Statue Mode

Karly is auditioning for a modeling position. She arrives at the address which turns out to be an apartment. She was expecting a studio or a theater, but she wants the job so she comes inside. The man holding the audition starts to become inappropriate with Karly, touching her and making her feel uncomfortable. Karly wants to leave, but he has other plans for her. He points a remote at Karly and presses a button. Instantly she goes into a pose. Her mind is blank and empty. She can be played with and repositioned while frozen. When the button is pressed a following time, Karly returns to normal and knows something isn’t right. She can’t escape though, because whenever she goes for the door she is put into another pose. Soon after, the settings on the remote are changed and Karly is mind controlled through the remote, doing and saying as she is programmed


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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