GirlsGoneHypnotized – Love Potion 4 – Hannah

Hannah and her husband have had a rocky marriage and fight frequently. The most recent fight has left Hannah wanting to call it quits. After a long night of arguing, she tells her husband that it’s time to let it go and separate for good.

All her husband wants is the old Hannah back – the one who adored him and couldn’t stand to be away from him. It’s clear that no amount of marriage counseling will save him from a divorce, but one alternative method might… A while back, he had purchased a “love potion” – a chemical cocktail that promises to make whomever drinks it fall madly in love with the first person they see. As a last ditch effort, he decides to give it a try and slip it in Hannah’s water. What happens next is beyond his wildest dreams!


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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