GirlsGoneHypnotized – Love Potion 5 (Part 1) – Victoria, Lauren

Victoria mistakenly drinks a love potion that her step brother has prepared to use on his friend Lauren. Now Victoria has fallen in love with her step brother and the valuable drink is wasted. This is not the outcome he had imagined!

Victoria is love struck and will not take “no” for an answer. When her highly irritated step brother asks how he will make his friend Lauren fall in love with him now, Victoria remarks that she can hypnotize Lauren for him. This is not the plan he had in mind, but it will have to do.

Lauren arrives and gets put into a hypnotic trance by Victoria. She becomes her submissive, mind controlled slave – obeying her every command without question. When the step brother sees Lauren mindless and entranced, he becomes unsure about this plan and feels guilty. This is not what he wanted. He wanted Lauren to fall in love with him, not become a brainless zombie!

Victoria is still in love with her step brother, so she forces Lauren to do ridiculous things that will make her look stupid in front of him, hoping that her step brother will choose her over Lauren. When Victoria sees that he still only has eyes for Lauren (even in her mindless state), she becomes jealous and commands Lauren to hypnotize her too so she can become her brother’s mindless slave also.

Now that both girls are hypnotized and under his complete control, the step brother begins to enjoy the power he has over both of them. He puts them through a couple of simple tests before realizing what he is doing is wrong, and then lets Lauren free from her trance. When she comes to her senses though, she is none to pleased to learn that she was his helpless slave. Rather than let the girl of his dreams go, he has no choice but to put her back under his control and try and figure out a way to make her love him.

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