Goddess Alexandra Snow – Stuck-Up Model Turns Obedient Slave

Whitney Morgan plays a model that I’ve hired for a sexy video in my hotel suite, but when she shows up with a big attitude and a list of things she “won’t” do, I decide to take matters into my own hands. I pull out my entrancing crystal and instruct her to stare into the shiny facets. Soon her eyes glaze over and she becomes completely obedient to my every command.

I lead her in and make her strip down. I make her pose in suggestive ways as I grope her, even making her masturbate for me. To show my power, I make her kiss my heels and worship my bare feet. To further humiliate this stuck-up slut, I make her rub her pussy as she shoves her whole foot in my mouth. I tell her that the more she licks and sucks on my feet, the more aroused she becomes. With a quick command, I even make her cum with my toes crammed in her wet little mouth. I snap my fingers to wake her and she comes to, confused.. panties wet and nearly naked.

I laugh as she gathers her things and runs out.

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