Humiliated at the Office - Mary Gane Green and Sinn Sage

Evil boss Mary Jane calls uptight employee Sinn into her office for a relaxation exercise. She puts a rotating light in front of Sinn and tells her to concentrate on it. Sinn goes to sleep, then into a deep trance. Mary Jane tells Sinn that she is now her slave and will do anything she says. Sinn obeys all of Mary Janes commands and replies “Yes, Mistress” whenever she is told to do something. Sinn is told to become a kitten and rubs Mary Janes leg with her face. Then she is compelled to model sexily, to strip naked and then to make out with Mary Jane. Mary Jane then fondles the glassy-eyed Sinns luscious body and tits. Several times, Mary Jane brings Sinn out of the trance and Sinn is embarrassed and freaked out. Finally, she gives Sinn a trigger word which will make Sinn wildly attracted to Mary Jane. After Sinn has been awakened from her entranced state, she has lunch with Mary Jane and two male co-workers. Mary Jane says the trigger word and Sinn goes back into the trance and starts passionately making out with her in front of her co-workers. When Mary Jane wakes her up, she is horribly humiliated and does not understand what happened. This is a really fun and sexy scene and Sinn gives an excellent performance.

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