Hypnokink- JC Simpson - Full Training Session

Hypnokink- JC Simpson – Full Training Session

JC – Part 1 – Deep Programming and Living Doll WMV We put deep programming into JC Simpson, We discuss mesmerism with her and she believes it is something that will only work on the weak minded. We put her under again and turn her into a mindless living doll and then have an assistant carefully pose her while she is completely mindless

JC – Part 2 – Posed and Orgasmed WMV – We put JC in a more revealing outfit and put her more deeply under, Then still as a mindless doll put her in more provocative poses, while touching her most private areas. She is then put under and brought out of being a mindless doll and then programmed so that her panties are creating powerful orgasmic sensations that leave her cumming as her eyes roll back in her head

JC – Part 3 – Mindless Cock Sucker WMV – JC mindless sucks our assistants cock, her and eyes rolling, he grabs the back of her head and fucks her mouth, she gags but does not come out of her trance and is left swaying and eyes rolling with her mouth and face full of cum

JC – Part 4 – Drinking on the Job? WMV – Drinking on the Job?- JC believes she is interviewing for a job, she is made very thirsty, but water has a very “intoxicating” kind of effect. She gets giggly and slurring her words as we poreand then is easily fucked by our assistant who still remains a total stranger to her. She starts to realize what has happened only after a total stranger has cum inside her and she looks back to see cum dripping out of her pussy. We put her back under and leave her like that

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