Lexi Davis is 18 years old as of two months ago. She is beautiful and at 6 feet tall with blond hair, blue/green eyes amazing figure with natural full D breasts. She has been sent in by her friends (who we have been to us and are programmed to send us more girls) She has been having trouble sleeping and she is willing to give us her full trust to help. Lexi Davis PART 1 Initial Conditioning- We have Lexi repeating her Mantras. Bring her in and out with command “obey” mesmerized stripping more zombie walk and also crawling while repeating her obedience mantras. Finally we pose her naked body like a doll

Lexi Davis Part 2&3 Sexual Harassment

Lexi Davis PART 2- Pantyhose Pleasuring- Lexi doesn’t want to obey when her new employer commands her to do inappropriate things but at the word “obey” she falls back into a trance and does as she says lift her skirt and show her pantyhose covered pussy, then in and out of her trance and masturbates using her fingers till she cums then use a powerful vibrator for another climax.

Lexi Davis PART 3 – Blow Your Boss – Still in her programmed state and an employee Lexi refuses to blow her boss but again is put in her trance and must obey until he cums on her lips.

Lexi Davis PART 4&5

Lexi Davis PART 4 – Sex Doll Lexi looks like she was built for sex and that is what she is programmed to believe. We “power up” her pussy orgasmically with the vibrator so it is ready.

Lexi Davis PART 5 -She repeats that she is built to suck and built to fuck. As she is fucked whenever her tits are squeezed she repeats a slutty phrase in her doll voice and she responds the same way whenever her ass is slapped. She ends saying “cum on me cum on me” in her little doll voice as she is covered in huge load

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