Hypnolust – Alexis Grace & JC Simpson (Clip Four)

For your eyes only

I am your controlled slave master
I am cuming for you master

Want more mantras, pussy-eating, yes masters, rolling eyes, screaming hard OH god orgasms, begging, freeze as well as limp body play, zombie pose and, and, and

JC’s sexy hard body is placed on the couch and now it is Alexis’s turn to go down on her helpless friend and to make her an even more obedient slave for me. JC’s body freezes up and she has no defenses again what is about to happen. Turned on by JC’s helplessness, Alexis uses her tongue to bring her victim very close to orgasm. She is not allowed to make her cum yet. JC starts begging as her still body quivers under the tongue lashing. Her face turns red and I can feel that she is on the brink of going crazy.

Thank you master, thank you master I am cuming for you. Time to drop our two horny vixen deeper again and then we get to enjoy watching them mindlessly masturbating each other’s pussies while standing in front of me. I am cuming for you master. Time to place them into the zombie position for the slow repetitions of, I am your controlled slave master.

Needless to say, we get to see more of those rolling eyes, wobbling heads and limp bodies. OK, let’s see how Alexis submits to JC’s forceful tongue. First though, Ashley’s body is rendered weak and unable to move as she just lays there on the couch. JC sure knows how to please a girl and Alexis goes nuts. I decide to hold her eyes and play with her limp body while JC is ordered to drive her nuts. Watching JC fondle and kiss Alexis’s weak body is hot but it gets really insane when JC props up her victims body and…

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