Hypnolust – Alexis Grace & JC Simpson (Clip Seven)

We need to save people

This next segment shows our “Superheroine” who seem to now be upset with me, be frozen, humiliated, orgasmed, rendered mindless in mid sentence and so much more.

Believe it or not now they want to kick my you know what and then go out and save the world. Well, that changes quickly when they find themselves frozen and helpless. Of course they still bitch after I let them become aware but that changes as soon as I place a vibrator in JC’s mouth (she seems to be the most talkative) Ashley is easily rendered mindless by the waving hand. Of course the fact that I am exposing more of their sexy little bodies, does no defuse the situation much either but then again, who cares. At the end we have them switch clothes without being aware of it and then freeze them again.

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