Hypnolust – Alexis Grace & JC Simpson (Clip Ten)

We don’t do B Movies

Our two horny girls believe that they somehow ended up at the “wrong Photo shoot as soon as I mention their pretty feet. Looks like they thought it was a uniform catalog shoot. OH well, now that they are here, we might have as well some fun with them. Maybe I get them to agree to at least pose with the new “transformer” which of course just a toy. Or maybe not? Sure enough, both drop into obedient trance and before long we get to enjoy them sucking, kissing and eventually orgasm each other with their sexy soft little feet. First though we have “officer JC” take care of Alexis by making her an obedient foot slave who willingly takes off her mistresses shoes, smells the inside of them and then pleasures her feet with her mouth. This one is really hot. Alexis sure loves to smell shoes and feet, such, kiss and lick them. Time for me to step in and to make them do all kinds of hot crazy stuff with their feet.

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