First screaming orgasm

I had started to make Amber feel very horny towards the end of the induction and now I keep going by increasing her feelings of lust. I make her feel the tongue between her legs with more and more intensity and then add the feeling of being penetrated and let me tell you, that girl is all over the couch. I keep deepening her trance while she is in absolute bliss, suggesting that by the time she reaches her climax she would be in the deepest possible trance.
She keeps dropping and I intensify her feelings of lust and well being. I keep intensifying the way she feels the tongue and the penetration, using it as a reward for her being obedient and following each and every word I say. It gets intense, Amber is moaning and groaning and her body is squirming all over. When I let her reach her climax and thus a deep level of trance, she is screaming while squeezing her huge round breasts.

After that it is time to plant the orgasm and sleep trigger. It is usually a good idea when giving a suggestion to repeat it three times that way it manifests more easily in the subconscious mind. In Amber’s case one time is enough and when I repeat it she cums again hard and loud. Oh yahh we gonna have a lot of fun with her.




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  • Chrisopher 3 years ago

    If I request I video from you can I pay by credit card or pound notes.

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      sorry dude we can just accept webmoney and bitcoin (for security reasons)